2020 Grant Cycle Now Open

Are you a nonprofit that was going to apply for this cycle of competitive grants? Are you a nonprofit that is struggling because of the COVID-19?
Due to the pandemic we pushed back the grant cycle from May to June and have made a few changes.
Starting June 1 all community organizations are encouraged to apply and can select from three types of categories.
Organizations can apply for a Competitive General Grant up to $10,000. Or if your organization needs things such as mask, hand sanitizer, or anything COVID-19 related you can apply for a COVID-19 grant of up to $4,999. Or if your organization is requesting $5,000 or more, maybe for a cancel a fundraising event because or the pandemic, these grants will be considered a recoverable grant.  Recoverable grants are similar to bridge loans with organizations agreeing to pay FCF back by a set time. To apply go to https://fayettefoundation.com/grants/get-a-grant/. If you have any questions email mhamilton@givetofcf.com or call F827-9966.